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Xelmes is a character who appeared in Kingdom Hearts Symphony of Memories. He is the main antagonist of the series. He is the No.I and leader of the Organization.


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Xelmes design was based on Xemnas and Terra-Xehanort. He has a silver hair and yellow eyes. He wears a Black Coat with no alterations.

In his alternate appearance, his design is now based on Sephiroth. He wears a black coat with a set of silver pauldrons, similar to Sephiroth and a pair of knee-high boots with a grey strap in each boot. He also wears two silver straps above his coat and a suspender that looks like that of a SOLDIER uniform, only without the Shinra insignia. There is also a Nobody symbol hanging on a blue straps just below his waist.

Xelmes wields two orbs of light blue energy. He can also change his weapon to look like the Interdiction, Xemnas's trademark Ethereal Blades.


As the leader of the newly formed Organization, Xelmes wields the power of darkness and manifests the darkness to form his weapon. He is very agile and attacks with swift combos using his orbs. Besides melee attacks, Xelmes can also fire projectiles from his orbs that may stun or blow the opponent away.

When changing his orbs to look like Xemnas's Ethereal Blades, Xelmes will continuously attack while teleporting that can leave the player little chance to escape. Xelmes can also materialize a hand, much like Terra's Dark Impulse, that will leave the player with 1 HP when hit.

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Other AppearanceEdit

Xelmes DR
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When Sora is corrupted by an ancient darkness, and begins attacking the worlds, seeking to control them, Riku looks into his heart and finds a special light. The light summons ten heroes in order to stop Sora, and, as a counter-offense, Sora summons ten villains. Xelmes is one of the warriors of darkness and the villain representing Kingdom Hearts Symphony of Memories, having Suné as the light he blocks with darkness. Xelmes' default attire is based on Sephiroth's default attire in Dissidia. Wearing a black coat with silver pauldrons and the Organization XIII black boots. He wears two straps above his coat and a belt similar to that of a SOLDIER uniform, only without the Shinra insignia. Strips of blue cloths hangs on each of Xelmes' pauldrons. His black coat also bears a Nobody sigil. His weapon is a blue orb which can turn into a blue version of Xemnas' Interdiction.



  • Xelmes is the only member in the Organization who wore his Black Coat with no alterations. Also he is the only member seen to wear another outfit rather than Black Coat.