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Nanaly is one of several original character of Kingdom Hearts Symphony of Memories. She is one of Suné's best friends and Zeik's little sister.

Nanaly is a 15 year old girl with blue eyes and brown hair. She wears a pink and blue hooded mini-dress with a black high-collared halter top underneath, a purple slanted skirt with black shorts underneath, black mid-length socks and, lilac and blue mid-length sneakers. (more...)

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March 16, 2011 - The Wingblade Wiki is made!

Did you know...

... from Wingblade Wiki...

  • ... that instead of a character resembling Sora, a character that resembles Roxas was supposed to be the main protagonist of the series?
  • ... that Wingblade, the creator of the Symphony of Memories series, named a character after him, Nexus?
  • ... that "Kingdom Hearts Symphony of Memories" was originally called "Kingdom Hearts Symphony of Sorrows"?
  • ... that the demo for Kingdom Hearts Symphony of Memories will serve as the main game's prologue?

... from Kingdom Hearts Wiki...

  • ... that Miyu Irino, Sora and Vanitas voice actor, wanted to voice a villain wherein Vanitas is a villain?
  • ... that the intended weapon for Kingdom Hearts was actually a chainsaw-like weapon?
  • ... that Mickey was supposed to be the main protagonist?
  • ... that the Xehanort Saga will not be the end of the Kingdom Hearts series?

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