Kingdom Hearts Symphony of Memories
Reverse Crown Keychain
Reverse Crown Keychain

Reverse Crown
Reverse Crown
"A Keyblade with balanced Strength, Speed and Magic."
Strength Magic Length
+3 +2 Short
Critical Rate Damage
50% x1.35
Suné's default Keyblade.

The Reverse Crown is a Keyblade that is wielded by Suné in Kingdom Hearts Symphony of Memories. Like most Keyblades in the series, it is a Keyblade of the Realm of Light.


Reverse Crown shows many similarities with Kingdom Key and Wayward Wind. The guard looks similar to that of Wayward Wind only with different colorations. The shaft looks similar to that of Kingdom Key, while the teeth are the crown found on Sora's necklace as oposed to being an outline of the crown. The token of Reverse Crown is another crown.


  • Since it is called Reverse Crown and is the default Keyblade, Wingblade states that it would look like the Kingdom Key with a few alterations.