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Nexus in the prologue of Kingdom Hearts Symphony of Memories

Nexus is the Nobody of Suné and No. VIII in Shadow VIII.


Before Kingdom Hearts Symphony of MemoriesEdit

Before Kingdom Hearts Symphony of Memories, Nexus was a member of the New Organization and was recruited by Xelmes himself. Like Roxas, Nexus was used by The New Organization to create a new Kingdom Hearts by defeating Heartless and collecting the hearts.

Some time later, Nexus was assigned to eliminate an unusual Heartless. When first spotted, the assigned Heartless appeared as a simple Shadow. But after being defeated, it evolve into a more powerful human-like appearance, shocking Nexus because of their similarities.

Instead going to Kingdom Hearts after finally defeating the Heartless, the heart hovers to Nexus, causing him to faint. After regaining consciousness, Nexus suddenly felt familiar emotions. Because of this, Nexus confronted Xelmes about the Heartless. Xelmes replied with the question "Do you remember your true name?", leaving Nexus in confusion. Some time later, Nexus decided to leave the Organization. Much to his disapproval, Xelmes ordered for Nexus's return.

Nexus, after walking through the darkness, found a light taking him in front of an Old Mansion inside a forest. After looking through the area, Dusks appeared, surrounding Nexus. Nexus easily fought off the Dusks but was back attacked by Xelmes, causing Nexus to fade. Before completely blacking out, Nexus speaks his original persona's name, "Suné". But because of the heart inside him, Nexus's body did not entirely fade. Xelmes then carried Nexus and left him at the town near the forest.

Kingdom Hearts Symphony of MemoriesEdit

Nexus appears in every flashback Suné had. The more Suné have Nexus in his flashbacks, the more he remembers that he is Nexus.

Nexus reappears at the very near end, where he was one of the characters who appeared behind Suné after mentioning them.


Nexus's design was taken from Roxas, though there are some changes. As Suné's Nobody, Nexus's facial features closely resembles his. Like Roxas, Nexus have spiky hair, albeit being sandy blonde, and wore the Black Coat like him.


Early Nexus

Nexus's early design.

  • Nexus's name was taken from the creator of the series, Wingblade's real name, which is Nexus.
  • Nexus is playable in the demo for Kingdom Hearts Symphony of Memories that acts as the main game's prologue.
  • In early development depicts Nexus having natural blonde hair. This was change to sandy blonde to make it close to Suné's brown hair.