Dive to the Heart
Daibu tou Hāto
Kingdom Hearts Symphony of Memories

The Dive to the Heart is a location which appears in the Kingdom Hearts series. It is framed as a world within a dream.

In terms of gameplay, the purpose of the Dive to the Heart is to serve as a tutorial level, where the player will learn the controls of the game, choose how their character will grow, and fight their first boss. The player is guided through the Dive to the Heart by an inaudible, unseen "voice", whose identity is uncertain.


Kingdom Hearts Symphony of MemoriesEdit

Station Sune 1 KHSoM

Suné's station is quite similar to Ventus's Mind, but features a sleeping Suné at Twilight Town rather than Ventus at the Keyblade Graveyard. The inner circle of emblems contains a stylized fleur-de-lis with the Lost Memory Keychain in the middle, depicting that he has lost his memory. The outer ring of symbols contains the signature crown motif.