Castle Oblivion
Castle Oblivion SoM
Boukyaku no Shiro
Kingdom Hearts Symphony of Memories

Castle Oblivion is a world in Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories and is set to appear in Kingdom Hearts Symphony of Memories.

Other AppearanceEdit

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Castle Oblivion is the representative arena of Kingdom Hearts Symphony of Memories in Destiny's Reach: Kingdom Hearts.

Castle Oblivion consists mainly of a white hallway with vases and blocks. This hallway is simply known as the "White Room" in Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories. The castle's Ω form changes the arena to an endless staircase as seen in the opening of Kingdom Hearts II. While on this form, if both characters go up the stairs, their Bravery will decrease by a set of percentage. But if both characters go down, their Bravery will increase until it reached the initial Bravery.


  • Due to the creation of the game, Castle Oblivion may have two to three areas only. This includes the Entrance, Main Hall and a certain room, but it is not confirmed yet.[1]


  1. WingBlade says..."And I may also include a certain room to make things more complicated."