Argent Silver
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Argent Silver or Argent is a character who appears in Kingdom Hearts Symphony of Memories. She is one of the few characters with the ability to wield a Keyblade.


Argent Silver is a girl with silver hair and purple eyes. She wears similar clothing as Sora's in Kingdom Hearts II. She wears a black and white dress with a zipper on the stomach and two yellow belts. She also wears black shoes similar to Mickey's. On her right hand, Argent wears matching gloves and on her right, she wears several bangles. The zip on her clothes is a Hidden Mickey.

The name "Argent" is the tincture of silver in heraldry.


  • Argent is one of the few character in the series not made by Wingblade himself.
  • Argent's original creator wanted her to be a Keyblade Apprentice in Disney Castle. This idea was changed to fit the story of the series.
  • She was originally planned to appear in the sequel of Kingdom Hearts Symphony of Memories but was made to appear in the actual game to fill some of the character slots.
  • In her first artwork, Argent wields the Fenrir Keyblade. This could be changed when a Keyblade that matches her is made.