Kingdom Hearts Symphony of Memories
Ace's Spirit Keychain
Ace's Spirit Keychain

Ace's Spirit
(スピリットオブザエース Spirit of the Ace)
Ace's Spirit
"A Keyblade with increased speed and long reach."
Strength Magic Length
+5 +4 Long
Critical Rate Damage
50% x1.50
Beat Tidus at the Arena of Fantasy.

Ace's Spirit is a Keyblade that can be wielded by Suné in Kingdom Hearts Symphony of Memories.


Ace's Spirit is based on Tidus and his signature weapon, Brotherhood. The blade of the Keyblade is similar to that of the Brotherhood only without a hook and with a golden-plating near the handle and a Zanarkand Abes insignia near the teeth . Extending from the blade is half of the guard and the other half looks like a sea dragon similar to the one on the Brotherhood. At the hilt of the handle is a golden crown. Connecting the Keychain and the hilt is a torn strap that looks like the one worn by Tidus. The teeth of the Keyblade is a wave of water showing the Water-attribute of the Brotherhood. The Keychain is a blitzball.


  • The name references Tidus's occupation as the ace of the Zanarkand Abes in Final Fantasy X.
    • The name was also thought of by a friend of Wingblade.
  • The Keyblade is also similar to Guardian Soul a Keyblade from Kingdom Heart II given by Auron from Final Fantasy X.